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We also provide sightseeing tours: Visit the towns of Innsbruck, Bregenz and Salzburg (Austria), Munich and Lindau (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), and Vaduz (Liechtenstein). Explore Mainau Island in Lake Constance with its delightful gardens.

Discover all that Europe has to offer in style and comfort—Taxi Zürs will get you wherever you want to go! Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail for a custom quote for your transportation arrangement.

Do you need to see a doctor, to receive follow-up treatment or to attend physiotherapy?
Zürs: Dr. Murr
Lech: Dr. Muxel, Dr. Beiser, Dr. Rhomberg Sanatorium, Muxel Physiotherapy
Zug: Dr. Phillipi (Internist)
Schruns: Dr. Schenk Casualty Hospital
Bludenz: Nearest hospital and various specialist doctors
Feldkirch: Casualty hospital and the biggest hospital of the Province of Vorarlberg

Get a ride to your next medical appointment—you will be sure to get to your appointment safe and on time.

Richard Elsensohn & Taxi Zürs-Team